this text is just in here to provide a few keywords so google picks up the site a little easier. don't look for anything deep here, ok? anthony's website. anagnostou. bicycle framebuilding. sewing. homemade climbing gear. ant_tracker. fixed gear. bicycles. climbing beta. absinthe mallet. peacemaker. cochise stronghold. red rocks. crimson chrysalis. ginger cracks. red rocks approach. amber black velvet. baboquivari. anthony anagnostou's half-ass website. ant. ant anagnostou. anthony anagnostou's pictures. anthony anagnostou climbing. vaguely self-aggrandizing assorted bullshit. its just electronic storage, really, but cheaper than a laptop. because i coudlnt afford a laptop in 2004. i can't believe you're still reading. seriously. click on a link already, hey?