tech/specialty cord strengths

all data from internet sources april 7, 2006. Manufacturer webpages were preferred, but some do not post specs.
all strenghts in kN, all diameters in mm.
conversion can be done online at

tech/specialty cord diameter rating
NE Ropes / Maxim
tech cord (technora) 3 14.2 source
tech cord (technora) 5 22.2
spectra A-cord 5.5 17.8
titan (dyneema) 5.5 14.2 source
dynamic 'prussik' cord 6.5 10.8
dynamic 'prussik' cord 7 11.6
dynamic 'prussik' cord 8 12.8
cordalette' cord 7 no rating stated (but BW states it is stronger and less stretchy than its standard 7mm acc. Cord)
vectran 5.5 16.9 "knotted" source
powercord (technora) 6 21.3 source
black diamond
gemini 5.5 17.3 "knotted" source
aramide 5.5 17.7 source
dyneema 5.5 17.7

To convert to Lbs, multiply by 225.

X =

standard nylon accessory cord ratings are on this page.

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