i used to travel a lot. sometimes i had a camera with me. if you have an agenda or a date in mind, click around. if not, i might suggest..
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2016alaska, santa barbara, and ambling around the desert southwest
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2015brief jaunts to Kauai, Sequoia, Santa Cruz island
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2014the lost year. maybe sometime ill get around to uploading a few.
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2013a few photos from the interview trail, a few from the final spring in NYC, and then my new life in Santa Barbara, california.
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2012new hampshire, nyc, bolivia
3 142
2011january in new mexico, then a little nyc
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2010i go to med school now, so the photos have slowed down. there are some from nyc and some from africa.
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2009new england, fresno, vegas, guatemala, DFW, nyc
4 129
2008new england, nyc, nine months of chemistry in boston, summer in yosemite, a traveling fall (mostly east coast), mexico
4 192
spring/summer 07caving, climbing, and canyoneering all over the country. summer in the sierra.
3 224
fall/winter 06/07sailing in the caribbean; colombia, new england, new mexico
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summer06summer in and around tuolumne meadows, california.
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winter/spring 05/06cochise stronghold in december, january in new england, february in mexico, then a couple months in vegas
4 144
summer/fall 05bugaboos, wind rivers, tetons, yosemite, desert cracks and towers
4 95
winter 04 / spring 05a quick jaunt in the NE presidentials, then spring in the southwest
5 78
summer/fall 04new hampshire, cascades, bugaboos, greek islands, chamonix, north carolina
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panoramas and wide shotswide shots that don't fit the regular albums. real purty-like.
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ancient picturesapparently i took these, but its too long ago to remember why.
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sewing projectsnew stitches
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miscellaneous junk/projectsthings that wouldn't interest you. serious.
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