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ultralightweight ripstop nylon stuff sacks. 8 - 15g each (i measured). the big red one is silicone coated, and holds my new white sleeping bag (see other photos). the smaller one has my raingear in it.

i love these things. they take very little time to make, are really nice (the same things sell online for 8 - 14 bucks), and cost me nothing to make.

ok, *almost* nothing. all the ripstop nylon scraps i got for free at an industrial scrap shop in north carolina, years ago. add a few yards of thread (i buy in bulk), and a foot and a half of string (i tie my sacks off with a slipped overhand, not a cordlock), and it runs me a solid 15 cents per bag.

interestingly, stuff sacks were the first things i ever made when i began my sewing career a handful of years ago. i wanted a bunch of them to organize my summer pack, and didnt want to shell out hard cash. i remember making them. it took me forever, they looked ugly, i had to work everything out as i went. now its a whole different ballgame.