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close up of the inside of my new shell mitt. the old ones were of cute 3ply goretex, and a bit of rubber and cordura to reinforce the wear areas. however, they are not up to the rigors of rappelling, nor are they large enough for the biggest fattest warmest liner mitts. so i made these.

i call this lovingly my 'no f*cking around' mitt. features include a buckle for the wrist closure instead of velcro that doesn't work in freezing rain/slush, one-handed gauntlet, and the entire thing is constructed of coated 1000D cordura. heavy wear areas have an extra layer of the same cordura, or Toughtek synthetic rubber for grip. everything is stitched with industrial nylon thread at least twice, and heavy wear areas are additionally topstitched up to three more times. this is a seriously beefy overmitt, and i like it that way.