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new alpine pack. light as hell. all the features just the way i want 'em. every seam quad stitched or better. took forever to make.

it weighs exactly two pounds, on the dot, and that includes two instantly removable foam sheets, to sit on or splint with. the drawcord and skirt drawcord are also easily removable.

the straps reconfigure to strap snowshoes on without adding straps. there are wand pockets with drainage, dedicated crampon loops on sides, all areas where ice tools and crampons will be strapped on are 1000D cordura, all the rest is the black nylon ripstop which is about 200-250D. brain pocket is removable for when its not necessary, or if i want a different type of brain pocket. no daisy chain(s) on the front, becuase they're lame. just one bomber metal tri-glide to attach whatever i want (right now it has a cam-lock ice tool holder) and one clip in loop. tell me seriously, climbers- when actually on a mountain have you *ever* used more than one loop of a daisy? the bag also has a bunch of grosgrain loops sewn into various places to provide a lot more strapping and attachment options when using the bag for unforseen uses.