Backpack Gallery 2

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The GolfCourse

        born fall '03

GolfCourse is a small bag with a meticulously landscaped green. The outside of the bag is pieced together of finely striated velvet in a strong grass color.
Because the zipper is on the backside of the bag, the uninterrupted green of the exposed face is much more striking. The shoulder straps are nylon webbing and elastic with the set-'n-forget buckle.
The inside is lined with light green microdenier fabric, and the seams are finished with a dark green packcloth. This is a small pack, for around town use, or going to parties. You can't stuff six classes of textbooks into this bag.




        born fall '03

This is a low-key beauty. The textured center piece of this pack is velvet, checkered mauve and white. The side pieces and back are a heavy duty grey and black fabric, actually an overstock from a car upholstery factory. Across the front and back, a thick magenta weave is sewn into the face fabrics, a nice detail.
Like so many of the bags here at Pr:1, the zipper is on the backside, and the face fabrics are worth the extra room. The matching shoulder straps are thin, making this pack ideal for light duty where you won't need to carry anything beyond a few pounds.
The inside of the bag is lined with silver-grey satin, and the seams are finished with the same. The backside zipper runs at a slight diagonal to make the bag open up easier. The shoulder straps thread through a large grommet at the top of the bag. To shorten up the straps, just tie a knot inside the bag.



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