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        born fall '03

BlueNettie is a burlesque bag with a layered exterior. The outer face is a delicate velvet flower print, with a transparent base. The inner fabric is a course white synthetic mesh. And the inner lining is an iridescent dark blue polyester.
Nettie's shoulder straps are blue nylon, with small sections of light blue fuzzy elastic as spacers to keep it all together. The shoulder straps are burly enough to carry a decent bit of weight, unlikely many of the cocktail party bags here, and Nettie will also hold more Stuff than most of the lacy designs at Pr:1.
The exterior fabrics are a lot of fun. The smooth outer velvet moves independantly of the inner mesh, which gives the fabric some depth. The backside-zip lets the three-piece front appear to be one continuous piece of fabric.
The shoulder straps use the 'set-'n-forget' buckle. That's basically a cute way of saying they use a Triglide instead of a real buckle. The big advantage of this is that you can set your straps where you want them. Shifting around, hanging up your bag, and bicycling won't slowly slack the buckles off so you have to keep re-adjusting them. These triglide 'buckles' double-back on themselves, making adjustment take a few sconds longer, but involuntary slackening impossible. They are also metal, so they can't break, and they are much smaller and look better.
The backside of this pack is an iridescent polyester, instead of the velvet, becuase this particular velvet is very delicate and a tougher back panel will prevent you wearing it out with your movement. A full-panel YKK zip, with a golden satin zipper pull, and a black thread weaving through the backpanel finish up the outside. There is a small amount of closed cell padding on the back of this bag, to take the corners off of books. The inside is lined with the same dark blue iridescent fabric, and has a medium size pocket big enough for a wallet, keys, and a few pens.




        born fall '03

Everyone has to touch this bag. A funky combination of synthetic fur, athletic mesh, and carpet-grip material, this pack comes with a custom gift box.
Like I said, everyone has to touch this bag. The fur is soft, and well.. furry. The black grippy material feels sticky to the touch. Between the two wildly different fabrics, its a tactile experience right up there with.. use your imagination.
The backside has the zipper, and the inside is lined with bright red synthetic mesh that you can see through the black exterior fabric.
The box has the Pr:1 logo laser-etched into the lid, and the name of the bag inside.
The bottom of the box is a sandwhich of clear acrylic plastic that holds the scraps generated when making the bag. All the thread clippings, furballs, and assorted cuttings are in there.
The underside of the box, and the open pack.



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