Designer Backpacks

A collection of handmade backpacks for various occasions, functions, and styles. Each one is an original, handmade of course. Generally, you can click on the picture to see a bigger version.

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The SkyGarden

        born fall '03

The SkyGarden bag is the lighest, laciest, most waif-life bag I've done. It's body is one thin layer of transparent fabric, a sky-blue flowerprint sheer which shines pink from certain angles. The seams are finished with an iridescent light blue fabric, and the shoulder 'straps' are sheer strips of 1" transparent red and gold ribbon. This bag won't hold a lot of weight, nor will it be a good choice for hiking or climbing. It will, however, carry a cellphone, keys, a wallet, and some tictacs.
The bag itself can't weigh more than a couple of quarters. It bunches up small enough to stick in a pocket, and looks good worn against a darker top. Warning: Delicate and transparent. You have been warned;)




        born fall '03

The KitchenTable pack is a burly little bag. She's made of heavy cotton checkered tablecloth fabric, with 1000 denier nylon cordura sides and back. The shoulder straps are made of articulated nylon webbing and elastic, to fit your shoulders.
The zipper is a tough #5 YKK, running down the backside of the bag. This means that the zipper is against your back, not exposed to the world. There are quite a few excellent reasons for this.
With the zipper protected against your back, water is less likely to seep in in the rain. Prying hands can't get in in the crowded subway. You won't spill your books on the ground if the zipper busted open (a problem with some questionaly functional mainstream backpacks). Best yet- it looks a lot better. Don't worry, you can't feel the zipper.
This pack is lined with a silver-grey satin synthetic, and some more of that checkered tablecloth. The seams are finished with checker. The pack is not big. It'll hold a couple books, a tshirt, and your wallet and keys. Or a patchkit, a mini-pump, lunch, and a liter of water. Not good for hauling loads around, though.




        born fall '03

I have never been to Africa, but I just reread "The Power of One" for the fifth time this summer and the colors on this bag felt vibrant in a way that Bryce Courtenay's Africa is.
This bag is another simple one, consisting of a lined bag, supported by two drawstring-shoulder straps. The outer fabrics are a cotton flower/music print, stitched to an iridescent yellow-gold satin.
The bag is lined with an orange taffeta synthetic, and is plenty big enough to carry some cash and a sweater.



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